Expert tailoring

A Journey looking for the world’s best fabrics


Motivated by the authenticity and scarcity of quality raw materials, in North Country we traveled through mountains, rivers and valleys, to reach Vale do Ave.

There, many of the original fabric factories, created by local families, had and have the goal of giving a purpose to the raw material of the region (cotton). In Portugal, the best Flannel of the world emerged in these factories, and North Country flew the Atlantic Ocean to use it, and create authentic flannel shirts.



At North Country, we value craftsmanship and the masters of production. So, we created a partnership with a small local factory. A family business that already has three generations and a lot of experience in the industry.

The production of Flannel requires not only expertise but passion as well, and in Portugal we found both. From the yarn spinning to the fabric weaving, every step of the production of flannel is carefully completed.

Hand quality fine ending

The finishing of the flannel is carefully done, in order to make the fabric as exceptional as possible. In the end, a soft, comfortable and great quality fabric leads to outstanding shirts. In the future, North Country will travel the world, in order to find the best fabrics and raw materials, to give voice to authenticity and quality, and to the masters of production.